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Dwaasheid, IJdelheid, Verdoemenis Dwaasheid, IJdelheid, Verdoemenis

Een keuze uit het werk van Isańc da Costa

by Johannes, G.J.

Dutch society put its shoulders to the wheel after its humiliating defeat in 1795 and its disastrous French occupation ended in 1813. The first Orange-monarch, King Willem I, called 'koning-koopman' on account of his mercantile policies and building projects (especially canals, bridges and roads), also attempted to control faith life and the affairs of the churches. This was one of the issues leading to the 1830 Belgian revolt and to the 1834 Secession from the Netherlands Reformed Church. A decade earlier, in 1823, well known poet Isańc da Costa in his pamphlet 'Bezwaren tegen en geest der eeuw', a lament against the spirit of his age, attacked all the norms, values and achievements of his enlightened contemporaries, including the king. This book presents a reading of Da Costa's poetry and other warnings concerning the enlightenment of the late 1840s. A prominent figure in the Dutch Reveil-movement, Da Costa was extensively read among the Seceders although he did not join them. The author researches Dutch literature and culture, specializing in the period 1750-1900.

Paperback, 146 pages, Dutch language, special import,

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