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Minding Your Manners Minding Your Manners

A Guide to Dutch Business & Social Etiquette

by Berman, Magda

As the English saying goes: "Good manners are never out of style." But good manners are not the same everywhere. What are the manners deemed good by the Dutch? For this reason "feeling comfortable in the Netherlands" is still the key word for newcomers and anyone wanting to tune in with Dutch friends (and family). This book clearly explains how one may rapidly adapt to the etiquette and customs in the Netherlands, which may not always be so obvious! How do you organize a formal event or birthday party? What are Dutch table manners and dress codes? How do you congratulate someone on the birth of a child? What are the customs if you go for a visit? Why is there a birthday calendar with names on it in the washroom (in Dutch called Waa Caa)? For all of these practical questions (and still many more), answers are given along with tips and new trends, using an accessible approach in the book Minding your Manners. Written with warmth, humour and cultural insight - in short - an indispensable guide for every international expatriate who wants to quickly feel at home in the Netherlands or with Dutch people anywhere!

Paperback, 104 pages, Richly illustrated, special import,

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