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Soldaten van God Soldaten van God

Nederlandse en Belgische missionarissen op missie in China in de negentiende eeuw

by Knipschild, Harry

This book is a popular version of his dissertation Ferdinand Hamer 1840-1900, missiepionier en martelaar in China: een nieuwe kijk op de missiemethode van de Scheutisten in het noorden van China, en de reactie daarop van de Chinezen (mission pioneer and martyr in China: a new look at the mission approach of the Scheutisten in northern China and the reaction of the Chinese). Scholars should consult the original dissertation, but this book is more about Roman Catholic life in the nineteenth century and about Belgian and Dutch missionaries belonging to the order popularly known as Scheutisten who laboured in a politically unstable climate. They relied on the protection of European powers, thereby undermining local rule, and were seen as extensions of imperialism by non-Christians.

Paperback, 351 pages, Illustrated, Dutch language, limited supply, special import

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