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Het Leiden Boek Het Leiden Boek

by Smit, C., Blom, H.,Van Maanen, R.,

Refugees from the southern region of the Low Lands, many French-speaking, turned the Dutch city of Leiden into a thriving and prosperous textile centre, once Europe's industry's leader. Leiden's historic city core continues to reflect that past. Leiden is also known for other noteworthy feats. In 1573, the city was besieged by Spanish troops who fled when Dutch troops manning flat bottom ships sailed towards the city over flooded fields. As a reward, Leiden was given a university which was the centre of early protests against the Nazis in 1941 and where a number of Nobel prize winners taught. It also is the place where the painters Rembrandt and Jan Steen were born and Theo van Doesburg conceived his De Stijl art group. Leiden is also the city that gave the Dutch their constitution in 1848 and where the Pilgrim Fathers resided before setting off for the New World. As is the case with all books in the Het Boek series, each page comes with a beautiful illustration and an informative but concise caption, 370 times. A $29.95 value. NOW on sale!

Hardcover, 384 pages, 370 illustrations, Dutch language, special import

USD 14.95 / CAD 19.95

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