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Het Sinterklaas Boek Het Sinterklaas Boek

by Boer, Eugenie, Helsloot, John

On the eve of December 6, traffic on Dutch highways and streets dwindles to a bare minimum, one of the rare quiet moments in super hectic Dutch society. There is no family event like it during the rest of the year that is so widely observed and celebrated. Sinterklaas is a cultural manifestation that literally sends every Dutch citizen home. This book traces seventeen centuries of history, starting with Bishop Nicolaas in Turkey and Saint Nicholas, it follows the transformation to Sinterklaas and beyond to Santa Claus, the North American manifestation. The book tells the story of an unparalleled Dutch folk fest. Every town holds its own Sinterklaas welcome(s), and stores organize Sinterklaas appearances, but it climaxes at home with a tradition-rich gift exchange. The authors also examine the origin of the Sinterklaas traditions, local differences, private and public celebrations, some very hilarious, and even mention politically correct detractors. Anyone estranged from Sinterklaas traditions can be reacquainted quickly through this book.

Hardcover, 384 pages, 360 illustrations, Dutch language, special import

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