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Het Groningen Boek Het Groningen Boek

by Hillenga, M, Kleijssen, L.

This book covers the history of the northern Dutch province of Groningen, both the city and the region, 'Stad en Lande.' This richly illustrated volume takes its readers on a tour through past typical Groningen subjects, past and current, in nine thematic chapters which each follow a chronological order. The Het Boek series could be very helpful in adding context to family history and genealogical research and documentation when ancestors lived in the times and places covered in individual volumes. Anyone with roots in Groningen will find this book helpful in gaining insight into the times of ancestors as well. Dutch history books focus on heavily populated Holland, and this book will help fill the gap in knowledge about Groningen. A $29.95 value. NOW on sale!

Hardcover, 352 pages, 350 illustrations, Dutch language, special import

USD 16.95 / CAD 19.95

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