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Early Mass abruptly ends after celebrant drinks wine

Poisoning fells priest

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ROME – An early Mass at the Church of the Frisians nearly ended in tragedy recently when the celebrant, an Italian priest, abruptly ended the service when he fell ill after drinking from the chalice. Hastily taken to a nearby hospital, the clergyman slowly is recuperating from his nearly fatal ordeal.

An official of the priest’s order was told by physicians that the quality of the coating of antique tinware often deteriorates over (long) periods of time and easily could lead to serious tin poisoning when liquids are added. The resulting reaction burns the stomach inside out. As a customary precaution, Italian authorities sealed the Church of the Frisians and took all the utensils until their investigation is completed.

The Friezenkerk dates from medieval times when much of the Netherlands in Rome was identified as Frisia. The church was part of a district where pilgrims from the Lowlands lived while visiting Rome.