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Radio program Arbeidsvitaminen longest running in the world

‘Vitamins for work’

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HILVERSUM, the Netherlands – Dutch broadcasters have set a new world record. A radio program of the AVRO broadcasting association officially has been named ‘the longest running, national radio broadcast program in the world.’ The designation earned ‘Arbeidsvitaminen’ an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. Freely translated, the program’s title could read ‘Vitamins for work.’

The once-a-week radio program of three hours was launched in February 1946. In the early days, it was a non-stop program of popular music and aimed to enliven things for Dutch factory or shop workers as well as anyone else. Soon, the program could be heard three times a week and by the 1960s, the daily transmissions from nine in the morning till noon had its first on-air host, who also played requests.

These days, the program can be heard on the 3FM channel. The concept ‘Arbeidsvitaminen’ since made it into the official Dutch lexicon - the ‘Fat Van Dale’ - as well, where it is described as ‘environmental factors, especially in the form of music, which stimulate employees performing their work.’

The Guinness Book of World Records had no earlier listing for the longest-running radio program and thus created a new category.