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‘Achterhoek’ invests millions to attract even more visitors

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

LICHTEVOORDE - Being one of only three rural areas in the Netherlands with an increased number of tourists last year, the ‘Achterhoek’ want to do even more. The region in the extreme eastern part of Gelderland has earmarked $100 million to enhance its appeal. Special attention will be given to so-called ‘active seniors’ who last year made up one-quarter of all visitors. The tourists, especially from Noord and Zuid-Holland and Germany, spent $130 million in the region last year. The visitors are attracted mostly by the region’s compactness and amiability of its people and of its tourist sites. There are drawbacks as well, as the region lacks large theme parks, while its hotel and other accommodations largely are old-fashioned and without modern comfort.