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‘Holland’ as brand name worth $792 billion

Tenth on Anholt Nation Brands Index

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AMSTERDAM - The name value of the Netherlands has been calculated at $792 billion. If ‘Holland’ were a brand name, it would be ranked tenth on the list of the most valuable country names in the world.

The figures for this novel conclusion were calculated by Seattle, Washington-based Global Market Insite, which compiles a nation brand index, re-evaluated every three months. Nearly 26,000 consumers worldwide are surveyed on their perceptions of the cultural, political, commercial and human assets, investment potential and tourist and migration appeal of each nation.

For the first time, the Index has put a dollar value on each nation brand. On that list, the U.S. ranks first with nearly $18 trillion, followed by Japan ($6.2 trillion) and Germany ($4.5 trillion). Of the 35 countries listed in the index, Poland ranks last with a brand name value of $42 billion.