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Oldest person in the Netherlands visited immigrant daughter in U.S.

Woman turns 111

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BUNNIK, the Netherlands – Former globetrotter Alexandrina van Donkelaar-Vink at 111 years of age recently became the oldest person in the Netherlands. Van Donkelaar earlier for six years lived on the Dutch Antilles island or Curaçao and traveled a number of times across the Atlantic as well to visit her daughter who then lived in San Francisco, California.

Van Donkelaar-Vink, who is nearly blind and deaf, has outlived all but one of her four children. Her youngest son now is 76. Her daughter Rietje had emigrated to the U.S. where she died at age 65. Although at times tired of living, Mrs. Van Donkelaar however has a keen interest in television news.

When the oldest resident of the Netherlands, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper died last year at age 115, Van Donkelaar was thrust in the spotlight as being the next oldest ‘successor.’ She enjoyed that attention, but preferred that her recent own birthday be celebrated quietly.