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Linguistic changes lead to revised New Bible Version within a year

Book of the Year 2005

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

UTRECHT - Over 650,000 copies of the New Bible Translation (NBV) have been sold since its publication last year. In 2006, a new version will hit the market, necessitated by the recent spelling changes and by other editing corrections needed for the current issue. A newly edited NBV printing, which would incorporate changes made following criticism of the phrasing, interpretation, translation or exegesis, must wait a number of years. In the meantime, other new editions are being planned by the Dutch Bible Society. They include a large-letter Bible and a Rembrandt Bible, a volume named after the famed artist whose illustrations will be used.

Meanwhile, a lobby organized by the publishers of the New Bible Translation has resulted in it winning the Public Award as Book of the Year 2005. The number of people participating in the annual selection more than doubled over last year. Because of this ‘stuffing of the ballots,’ the New Bible Translation became the first ever non-nominated publication to win the prize. With a 72 percent vote, it surpassed the six novels nominated by a jury this year. Since its publication earlier this year, the New Bible Translation has sold over 650,000 copies.