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Deventer area rife with Roman-era smelter ovens

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COLMSCHATE - Archeologists have uncovered a variety of unique finds, dating from the Middle Bronze Age to the Roman Era. From the earliest period - 1,800 - 1,500 BC - a number of supply pits used to store grains and other food have been uncovered. The smelter ovens from the 4th century, in fact the first blast furnaces in the country, suggest that people in the area knew how to make iron from ore found in nearby moors. The small ovens were built from loam and were heated with charcoal. Slag was found nearby, as were fire pits used to produce charcoal. Melting pots found at the site in Colmschate were evidence that the inhabitants had mastered using bronze as well, when they made jewelry and other objects from bronze coins.