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Youth who threatened MP Wilders now arrested for owning explosives

Converted to Islam three years ago

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AMSTERDAM – A 17-year old youth who had hidden a bomb at home is now in policy custody. Investigators say the explosive may have been meant for controversial MP Geert Wilders.

The teenager emerged as a suspect during the investigation into the Hofstad terrorist network. The boy's parents are of Dutch and British origin. He was apparently converted to Islam when he was 14, and subsequently rapidly radicalised.

From tapped telephone conversations, prosecutors conclude that the boy may have planned an attack on Wilders. The MP confirmed that the youth had previously threatened him via the Internet.

The suspect was very active on the Internet, where he made himself known under a pseudonym as a follower of extremist Islamic ideologies. He managed several chat groups, on which threatening slogans, film clips and pictures were placed.

Officials are investigating to what extent the suspect had contacts with The Hague’s Hofstad group members and what he planned to do with the bomb. The suspect has not been identified as a member of Hofstad. Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, is considered to be one of the leaders of this terrorist group.