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Onslaught of visitors forces museum to close doors for the day

National Liberation Museum

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GROESBEEK - The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek temporarily was forced to close its doors recently, when more visitors went through its turn-stiles than it is designed to accommodate. The museum had mounted special exhibits to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Liberation.

In particular, the exhibition ĎTo be young in the 1940sí had attracted large numbers of visitors. Although the museumís officials were very pleased with the increased attention, they were unable to accommodate over 1,000 visitors that had flocked to the facility on a recent day. Normally, the museum has fewer than 200 visitors on special days.

Among the visitors were many of the Canadian veterans attending liberation events in Groesbeek, Apeldoorn and elsewhere.

The museum re-opened the following day with more staff and volunteers to guide the waiting throngs through the museum.