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Deventer war memorial dedicated to April 1945 tragedy

Seven resistance people executed

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DEVENTER - A small monument to seven young Dutch resistance people who were killed in the last days before the Liberation of the city will be the site of commemorations on Sunday April 10. On that day, sixty years earlier, the seven had tried to secure the bridges across the IJssel River, to hold them for approaching Canadian troops.

The resistance unit had assembled in the Twentol factory, near the strategic locks. Attempting to reach the bridge, two of the Dutchmen were killed when the Germans opened fire on the factory. Five others, four men and a woman, were flushed from the factory and taken to a nearby playground where they were executed, together with a German soldier who had refused to take part in the execution. Only hours later, the Germans retreated before the liberating Canadians. A willow was planted at the execution site soon after the war to commemorate the fallen.

A plaque at the monument names the seven along with the German soldier.