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Town votes down funding for statue of native son Kuyper

No local profile for former Prime Minister

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MAASSLUIS, the Netherlands – Dutch statesman Abraham Kuyper whose views and writings continue to attract wide attention in North America, will not be honoured with a statue in his hometown Maassluis. The town’s municipal council voted down an executive request to fund a preparatory report.

The non-confessional majority on council instead indicated a preference to honour the town’s fishermen. They doubted that Kuyper, under whose leadership the Free University was founded and who introduced the political party system in the Second Chamber of the States-General, had contributed much to the town’s wellbeing. The theologian who in the 1880s led an exodus from the Netherlands Reformed Church, also served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

During council’s debate on its general policies in November 2004, the idea for a statue gained broad support. The municipality’s executive (B&W) meanwhile had found a sponsor and prepared a detailed plan.

The idea for the sculpture originated with a progressive liberal politician who sought a more substantial profile for his community.