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Van der Mey’s subjects range from royalty to immigrants and offspring

Author lands another project with ’The Next Generation’

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WELLAND, Ontario - Chronicling the story of the Dutch Canadian community has become author Albert van der Mey's specialty. At the time still a daily newspaper editor in Brantford, Van der Mey's first book was on Dutch royalty and was published in Dutch in the Netherlands. But the book still was well within the area of interest he has become well-known for, a Dutch person who (had) lived in Canada.

Van der Mey's first book Beatrix in ballingschap later received a companion in English on Canada-born Dutch Princess Margriet, When Canada Was Home.

Since then Van der Mey has penned When a Neighbour Came Calling, the impressions of Dutch immigrants on the occupation years of the Netherlands, his now republished tome To All Our Children and several others such as the fabulous account of Niagara Peninsula's horticulturalists titled Floral Passion. He also wrote the history of Ontario's prime vegetable patch in his book, And the Swamp Flourished, the Bittersweet Story of Holland Marsh.

Van der Mey recently took on what may well be his most challenging project, a follow-up to To All Our Children: the Next Generation. Through this project, Van der Mey specifically wants to look at how the children and grandchildren of Dutch immigrants have made their way in society. Requests for material will be made in the near future and published in the Windmill Herald.