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Dutch carpet industry to certify experienced workers

Third-largest producer in the world

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GOIRLE, the Netherlands - Twenty-one employees of carpet manufacturers throughout the country, recently were the first to receive training achievement certificates. The industry-wide schooling concept was set up to maintain and enhance the know how which still gives the Netherlands an edge in global carpet manufacturing and sales.

The certificate concept was launched by the Association of Dutch Carpet Manufacturers, representing five employers. The once-a-week course aims to enhance theoretical knowledge of production and on the job re-training. Increasing the individual’s know how and raising the level of employee involvement in the process are basic requirements to keep the carpet industry’s lead over other countries such as China, and a number of EU countries.

The Netherlands is the world’s third-largest producer of carpet and the second-largest exporter. For the past number of years, annual production has increased by five percent, often at the expense of EU countries. In 2003, the production of the Dutch companies together (most of them are located in the province of Noord-Brabant) was 142 million square metres with a value of $980 million.

The best-known Dutch carpet manufacturers are Bonaparte, Parade, Enia, Desso, Edel and Hatéma. Some of them are foreign owned.