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U.S. First Lady Laura Bush honoured with new tulip variety

Third one with ‘presidential’ tie

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WASHINGTON, DC - A new variety of the ‘Dutch national flower’, the tulip, recently was named after Mrs. Laura Bush. The U.S. First Lady received the pink flower at a ceremony in the official residence the Netherlands’ Ambassador to the U.S., Boudewijn van Eenennaam.

Mrs. Bush is the second in her family to be so honoured. Earlier, Barbara Bush, wife of former President George Bush Sr., also had a tulip named after her. In March 1994, the Netherlands also had honoured Hillary Rodham Clinton with a special tulip variety when she was the U.S. First Lady.

In 1998, when her husband was Governor of Texas, Mrs. Bush also had a variety of Petunia Violacea named after her.