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Offspring spans five generations for Dutch matriarch

Dictionary lacks applicable family definition

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DEN BOSCH, the Netherlands - A greatgranddaughter of 96-year old Cornelia Brouwer recently became grandmother which places the matriarch outside regular Dutch language definitions. The Brabant woman now could be called bet-bet-over-grootmoeder (great-great-greatgrandmother), a ge-nealogical term used to define ancestral maternal roots but not for a living person.

Brouwer, plainly called Opoe Kee by everyone, is greatgrandmother to 96. Her family has lost track of the number of great-greatgrandchildren, saying it has become too complicated to keep score. She has many omas among her grandchildren.

All six generations - all women - recently got together for a multi-generation family picture. They are aged 96, 77, 60, 38, 20 and newly born. A Dutch vital statistics official agreed that it concerned a very rare occurrence.