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‘Open heart surgery’ for senior’s long-term care facility

Shalom Manor to be expanded again

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GRIMSBY, Ontario - Long-term care facility Shalom Manor has launched a major upgrading and expansion project with a ground-breaking ceremony in which the home’s earliest resident, 99-year-old Hilda Gerritsen took part. Situated on an adjoining property to retirement complex Evergreen Shalom, the Manor’s entire existing structure will be rebuilt to confirm to current standards.

Built 25 years ago, Shalom Manor originally was a 72-bed facility. The $1.5 million non-profit home since then saw four expansions with demand always outstripping capacity. The latest project which calls for an expansion to 180 beds, carries a $18 million pricetag. Shalom CEO Rynberg compared the remodeling to open heart surgery.

Shalom’s new kitchen facility, built beside the old building, is nearing completion but other phases of the project could take two to three years to complete.

The Grimsby long-term care facility is owned by a society founded by area Dutch Canadians and is one of the oldest of its kind in the Dutch community in Canada. Other seniors’ homes across Canada usually launched long-term care in more recent years. Grimsby along with much of the Niagara Peninsula has a high concentration of Dutch Canadians.