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Sole surviving Anema sibling welcomes ‘home’ family from U.S.

Departure in 1926 remembered as tearful

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ARUM, the Netherlands - Tears were shed seventy four years ago when 10-year old Harmen Anema waved his older brother Auke goodbye upon the latter’s departure for the U.S. The visit of three Californian ‘omkesizzers’ - Raymond, Clarice and Sam - for the Simmer2000 Anema family reunion again was an emotional experience for Harmen who at 84 is now the sole survivor of Auke’s siblings.

The Anemas in Fryslan regularly received mail from their brother and his wife Pietje. Announcements of additions to the family in America were received with happiness but Harmen still professes sorrow and helplessness regarding the WWII letters the family received via the Red Cross informing them of Pietje’s illness and death. “We could not even write back.” His brother remarried and had three more children.

Although more family members immigrated since, other Anemas at home left their mark in such organizations as the local band. Before the reunion was over, the Anemas together sang from the same music but the lyrics rang out in Dutch, Frysk and English.