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The Windmill Herald ™ – Farewell Issue

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

As soon the shock caused by the news that The Windmill Herald ™ would cease to publish in June 2012 had been digested, readers, advertisers, suppliers and also staff recommended that the paper say farewell with a special commemorative Farewell Issue. We owe everyone a huge THANK YOU for the suggestion; it was a bittersweet experience for everyone and one worth it in many ways. In this issue, contributors, subscribers, advertisers and The Windmill Herald’s longtime editor and publisher reflect upon the paper’s role in their life and in the community. In addition, the Farewell Issue tiptoes with a snapshot review through Dutch immigrant news published in the years 1969-1987, offers backgrounders on a few very popular features of The Windmill Herald, and includes a number of articles on subjects which were already partially researched but not yet printed:

Immigrants more experienced at saying ‘Farewell’
Numerous elderly parents checked out immigrants
Dutch families often relied on their ‘own’ doctors
Entrepreneur consolidated BC interior sawmills
Comparing the new with the former left behind
Partial overview of ‘Windmill’ coverage, 1969-1987
Readers comment on the exit of the Windmill Herald

Just the news that a Farewell Issue was forthcoming prompted special orders well before it rolled off the presses. A limited number of Farewell Issue copies are now available here.

32 pages, illustrated, full colour.