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Robert M. case leads police to other child molesters

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AMSTERDAM – The horrific child molester case against Latvian-born Robert Mikelsons (Robert M. in the Dutch media) has lead to the arrest of 33 suspected child molesters worldwide, including 8 in the United States. Dutch police gathered extremely troubling information from the computers of the Amsterdam pedophile who abused dozens of babies and toddlers. The Mikelsons’ case provided thousands of leads, resulting in 13 arrests in the Netherlands, eight in the U.S., six in Canada, four in Britain, and one each in Germany and Sweden. Mikelsons’ activities came first to the attention of Dutch police by way of the case against Massachusetts resident Robert D., who faces similar charges in his country. John Morton, who heads the investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, praised the cooperation with the Dutch, saying it saved 138 children from ongoing abuse. Robert Mikelsons was sentenced to 18 years in prison recently but is appealing the sentence. A nursery attendant, Mikelsons also advertised his babysitting service in newspapers.