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Chinese spies infiltrate Dutch technology firms

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ZOETERMEER - Chinese spies operate freely in the Netherlands, providing information on innovative technology companies and on the Uighur community a Turkish-Chinese ethic minority group in Western China - to the Chinese authorities. The Dutch intelligence and security service AIVD warns in its annual report that the Netherlands is an easy target for espionage. The AIVD says foreign intelligence services are likely to be successful in the Netherlands, because there is little awareness of the danger of espionage in the country. According to AIVD, the Dutch government runs various programs, which attract well-educated and talented Chinese. If they spy for the Chinese authorities, they can expect financial rewards and exceptional privileges upon return, reports the AIVD. The Chinese authorities have also infiltrated the Uighur community in the Netherlands. Ethnically Turkic Muslim, the Uighurs represent about 45 percent of the population of the north western Xinjiang region. In the Netherlands, the Uighurs, who want more autonomy in Xinjiang, hold regular demonstrations against the Chinese authorities, organize meetings and post anti-government films on internet. China regards their activities as a threat to the unity of the country.