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New armory named after first EOD-casualty

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SOESTERBERG – The bomb disposal units of the Dutch military EOD, the army, navy and the air force, now have a joint head office at the Soesterberg armory. Queen Beatrix opened the facility by guiding a remote bomb removal robot to lift off the cover from a commemorative plaque at the unveiling ceremony. The new facility includes a fast new knowledge centre, a training site, instruction facilities, and an extensive disabled explosives’ collection. The army’s previous location at Culemborg had become outdated. It was also time to merge the units into one, although the naval unit will continue to be operated from its coastal base at Den Helder. The EOD still handles about 2000 cases a year, keeping busy several disposal units. It employs a staff of 220 of whom about 90 dismantle explosives. The armory has been named after Sgt.-Major Scheick, the first EOD-crew member to lose his life in 1945, clearing his country from wartime explosives. His widow attended the dedication.