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Farmer catches chicken snatcher on security camera

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

SPAARNWOUDE – People wanting to see a unique farming operation with rare animal breeds will find Informatieboerderij Zorgvrij (literally Information farm Carefree) an interesting place to visit. If you agree, you will not be alone. In fact, the farm is a popular destination for visitors and one of the most important attractions for this North Holland village. It keeps rare dairy cow breeds, sheep and other domesticated small animals. But the other day, the farm made news for a different reason. It caught on camera an intruder wanting to raid Zorgvrij’s chicken coop, also populated with rare species. The intruder chewed a hole through the back door, crawled through it, feasted on the birds and failed to remember how it got in when done. The fox was seen jumping against the wire screens to get out till it re-discovered its point of entry. No longer in panic, the fox was shown sauntering off into the nearby bushes.