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Barrie prosecutor Enno Meijers appointed Ontario judge

Redeemer needs new Governor’s Chair

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BARRIE, Ontario - Crown Attorney Enno Meijers who prosecuted criminal cases since he was called to the Bar in 1990, will now weigh evidence in the cases assigned to him as Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice.

Meijers served as Assistant Crown Attorney, from 1990 to 1999, in Welland, and since 2000 in Barrie, north of Toronto, where he resides. The only son of a Dutch immigrant family of six, Enno Meijers notably served on the boards of two Christian education institutions when he received his appointment.

In a statement released through Redeemer University College of which he was Chair of the Board of Governors, he noted that he had been “actively involved in multiple boards, particularly Christian school boards, for 20 years and I am having some difficulty giving up that aspect of my life for the foreseeable future. However, I view this appointment as an honour and a calling, and am excited by the many opportunities for service it will afford.”

Gain and loss

Redeemer sees this appointment as “a significant honour and accomplishment for Mr. Meijers. Unfortunately, however, the Court’s gain is also Redeemer’s loss. Because of his appointment, Meijers must resign from all governance boards on which he serves, including those of Redeemer and Unity Christian High School in Barrie. The resignation is effective immediately.”

Redeemer President Dr. Hubert Krygsman calls the appointment bittersweet and finds that the appointment speaks well of Redeemer and of the quality of candidates that serve on Redeemer’s Board. He said that Meijers brought to his work for Redeemer a strong passion for Christian education, wise and judicious leadership, and a gentle, inclusive, and gracious tone to our deliberations. “Clearly, the Attorney General has seen some of those gifts in Enno. We will miss his service to Redeemer,” said Krygsman, whose college had well over 900 fulltime equivalent students in 2010.

Both parents of Justice Meijers, Wolfheze-born Enno Meijers and his wife Lenie, already have passed away in 2011 and 2010.