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Queen Beatrix eldest governing Dutch monarch

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THE HAGUE – At age 74, Queen Beatrix is the eldest governing monarch in Dutch history. She surpassed previous record holder King Willem III on November 4 at age 73 years and 277 days, the same age as her great-grandfather, who passed away on November 23, 1890. No other ancestor remained in office (monarch or stadtholder) as long as has the Queen, since they all the others died at a relatively young age or abdicated. The Queen’s mother, Princess Juliana, abdicated in 1980 at age 70, after serving nearly 32 years. On April 30, Queen Beatrix will also have been 32 years in office. She is the world’s eight in terms of years in office. This past week, to be exact February 6, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60th anniversary as monarch. She is only surpassed by King Bhumibol of Thailand who has ruled his country for 65 years. The sultans of Brunei (44 years) and Oman (41 years), Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (40 years), King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden (38 years) and King Juan Carlos I of Spain (36 years), all have served longer than Queen Beatrix.