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Seven initial candidates compete for Floriade 2022

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GRONINGEN - The closing date to apply as host region for Floriade 2022 has now closed. Seven cities or regions have indicated their desire to organize the 2020 event. The Dutch Horticultural Council (NTR) says that the Region Rivierenland, the City of Almere, the Cooperative Flevoland 2022, the Region Boskoop 2022, North Holland North, the City of Groningen and the City of Amsterdam all have thrown their hat in the ring for the world horticultural show. In the short term, the NTRís selection will review the proposals against its stated criteria. It then will pass its recommendations onto the NTR, which will then decide who to invite with a bid book. The evaluation of the incoming proposals will result in an announcement in early October 2012 who the winner of the organizing party in 2022 will be. That announcement coincides with the closing of the Floriade 2012 event at Venlo, next yearís host. Floriade is held every ten years. Floriade 2012 operates on a budget of Ä60 million.