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New book describes southern Dutch creek De Dommel

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

EINDHOVEN Dead fish, very dark water and metres-high foam described the Belgian-Dutch creek Dommel rather well not that many years ago. The Dommel was totally without life, the result of unrestricted pollution. A tributary of the Dieze, another stream that winds its way towards the Meuse River, is now largely pollution free. The Ecologische Kring Midden-Brabant released a nearly 300-page, richly illustrated book on the creek, De Dommel, stroom door tijd, natuur en landschap (The Dommel, a stream through time, nature and landscape). The book describes the 120-kilometres long creek and its significance in detail, the result of five years of hard work by the ecological society. Over a period of over 60 years, the creek was straightened in many places.