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Ict-student and musician uses a tablet to store sheet music

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

SCHARNEGOUTUM – Twenty-year old ict-student Rinse Ringma, who also is a musician with Sneek-based Advendo has utilized his computer skills by scanning his music which he now reads from his e-reader. He developed a music protocol to accommodate his innovative application, which has a number of advantages. One is that he no longer carries a bag weighed down with a load of sheet music. Another is that he can easily call up the music of choice on his tablet without rummaging through a bag or briefcase. He writes the director’s comments or instructions in the margin of the music with a special pen. He still has to solve one problem: turning pages. A screen touch is not the answer when playing, he feels. Instead, his thoughts are focused on developing a foot-pedal solution. The e-reader only is used when practicing since they play from memory during concerts.