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Online petition wants option to retain dual nationality

Dutch proposal eyes elimination

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THE HAGUE - A Second Chamber majority does not support a proposal that would require Dutch nationals who take out citizenship in their country of choice to forgo their Dutch passport. The draft legislation would rule out dual nationality for those living in the Netherlands as well as those residing overseas.

Labour, GreenLeft, D66 and the conservative liberal VVD want Interior Affairs Minister Piet Hein Donner to re-think his bill. According to the parties, the law tells Dutch emigrants who voluntarily take another nationality they are not wanted anymore.

The proposal has already caused a significant stir in the Dutch communities abroad. An online petition launched stating “identity and loyalty to the Netherlands do not get lost with a second nationality”, garnered over 13,500 signatures in a very short time.

It is the practice of the Dutch government to submit legislative proposals for a review to the Council of State, which has not yet revealed its ruling.

Geert Wilders’ faction PVV, which tacitly supports the current Rutte coalition cabinet, has campaigned against the provision allowing immigrants living in the Netherlands to hold dual citizenship, which it argues, hampers efforts at integration into Dutch society. Wilders is specifically targeting arrivals from Muslim countries such as Morocco and Turkey but has said very little about the Dutch living abroad.

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