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Eleventh edition of Zwolle’s Lego World draws large crowds

Popular with children and adults

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ZWOLLE – There are few toy concepts in the world which can compete for the attention of both adults and children the way Lego does. And in Lego World there is no other country which promotes the toy the way the Dutch do. No other Lego event in the world outdraws the eight-day event held annually in the Dutch mid-eastern provincial capital of Zwolle.

The 2010 edition of Zwolle’s Lego World attracted a record 70,000 children and adults. In Denmark, a similar event also attracts record numbers of visitors.

Lego World was launched eleven years ago when the Dutch branch of Lego wanted to offload a number of large Lego models from toy shops. The first edition attracted 22,000 visitors, far exceeding expectations. Two years ago, Denmark, home of the toy building bricks, started holding its own version of the event, drawing in 50,000 visitors.

Traffic jams

The most popular activity is simply building with the coloured bricks. The exhibition is divided into various Lego themes, such as Star Wars or the adventures of Ninjago. There are also spectacular exhibits to watch and demonstrations of huge Lego constructions.

Lego World ( is as popular as major sports events, and causes its own major traffic problems. Authorities now take special measures to prevent traffic jams on the highways leading to the mid-eastern Dutch town.