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Rabobank offers ATM service throughout California’s Walgreens

No service charges to account holders

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ROSEVILLE, California - Rabobank, N.A., a growing community bank with 118 branches in California, has expanded its local and statewide banking service network by partnering with the Walgreens drug store retail chain. Rabobank customers will now be able to use the ATMs at more than 500 Walgreens stores throughout California free of service charges.

Rabobank customers will be able to get cash and check their account balances but cannot make deposits at the ATMs in the Walgreens chain. The chain is with over 8100 outlets in the U.S., the largest drug store chain in the nation. Publicly traded, it reported in 2010 sales of over $67 billion.

Rabobank already had 160 ATMs in California. Rabobank, N.A. is a division of the huge cooperative Dutch bank which came about through the merger of two farmers’ institutions, the Brabant-based Boerenleenbank of Eindhoven and the Utrecht-based Raffeisenbank which was largely operating north of the great rivers.

Rabobank has a presence in numerous countries and usually targets food and agricultural industries abroad. In the Netherlands the bank is by far the largest mortgage lender. Since it has a cooperative structure, Rabobank is not listed on the Dutch stock market exchange.

In California, Rabobank received the highest numerical score among retail banks in California in the 2011 Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, “Highest Customer Satisfaction with Retail Banking in California.” Based on 51,620 responses, the study measured 19 providers in the state and examined opinions of consumers with their primary banking provider.