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Examining one’s own identity during History Month

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

AMSTERDAM – Hundreds of cultural agencies and groups showcase their exhibitions and activities during the month of October, which the National Historical Museum has declared History Month, using the theme ”ik en wij” which literally translates as “I and we.” The Dutch have been examining their place in history in recent years by way of creating a canon of national, provincial and local history, compiling a list of important events that ought to be taught and remembered. The canon of some jurisdictions is longer than that of others and opinions vary on what should be included or excluded. This years History Month, the eighth annual edition, coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the Dutch glossy monthly Historisch Nieuwsblad. As part of this year’s theme people are invited to research the origin of their surname, attend lectures on typical Dutch advertising, discover how other cultures deal with grief, to develop a coat of arms, or, this is typical Dutch, to obtain a barrel organ diploma.