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Dutch firm to develop a new Fokker 100

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HAARLEM Next Generation Aircrafts, formerly known as Rekkof, promises to have a highly modernized prototype of the current Fokker 100 ready in two years. The news was announced during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first Fokker aircraft launch. Rekkof acquired the production rights for Fokker Aircraft in 1996 when the aircraft builder went into bankruptcy. Rekkof received 20 million euros from the Dutch Economic Affairs ministry to aid the development of a successor to Fokker 100. According to analysts, the design of the new aircraft has already been completed. The new Fokker model will be able to carry 120 passengers, and has been promised to be the most fuel-efficient aircraft of its kind. Taking advantage of better opportunities in Germany, Dutch-born company founder and aviation pioneer Anthony Fokker built his first aircraft factories in Germany.