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Elderly woman confesses to 65-year old unsolved murder

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

LEIDEN - A 95-year-old murder mystery has been solved, with the confession of a 96-year-old woman. Atie Visser shot contractor Felix Guljé in Leiden when he came to the door to meet his caller. During the WWII Nazi occupation, members of the resistance had suspected Guljé of collaborating with the German occupation authorities. He was eventually acquitted of collaboration charges. In subsequent years, it was reported that the man actually aided Jews during the occupation, providing shelter and funds, and allowed a Roman Catholic resistance group use his factory. Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink announced that he had received a letter from Atie Ridder-Visser, a former anti-Nazi resistance member, owning up to Guljé's murder. The murder occurred on the day the post-war Political Investigation Service (POD) folded into another police agency. Visser, who was accompanied by another man, used a ruse to get Guljé to meet her. Guljé’s family has decided to close the book on the matter now that they know the background to the incident.