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Preserving historic fruit tree stock goal of Dutch gardener

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

KASTEREN – Fruithof Bellefleur, now a out-of-control hobby of gardener Jan Zandbergen and his wife Jeannie (van den Boom), is dedicated to preserving historic Dutch standard stock apple, pear and prune varieties. The gardener is employed at a healthcare institution where he already experimented to recreate standard size fruit trees, mostly lost when orchards switched to dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. Zandbergen and others lament the loss of historic biodiversity. Efforts in other jurisdictions have experts also trying to salvage historic fruit tree varieties from abandoned orchards and backyards that have not been changed for a long time. Just recently, the couple held another open house at their Fruithof. The Zandbergens also offer consultancy services to others who share their ‘hobby’.