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Prices forced tulips to take nosedive on Dutch auctions

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HILVERSUM A new documentary, called Soldiers in Black (in Dutch Zwarte Soldaten), offers six Dutch collaborators, veterans of the Dutch Waffen SS, for the first time to have their say on camera for public viewing. The six, two of whom have since died, are part of the 25,000 Dutch young men who joined the Waffen SS during World War II to fight the communists. Their units served with German troops, who fought the Russians on the eastern frontline. In a frank, shocking and confrontational manner, the men explain their decision to join the SS, their experiences on the front battle line, and the attraction of life as a soldier, their support for National Socialism and the horrors of warfare. Some of them still struggle with the choices they made at that time, while others remain convinced of the righteousness of their racist and anti-Semitic views, a shocking experience for producer Joost Seelen. One Waffen SS veteran placed an embargo on his interview until after his death.