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Floating greenhouse plan a first for Dutch engineers

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THE HAGUE Dutch engineers and researchers are convinced they can successfully build and operate a floating greenhouse complex measuring 45,000 square metres (about five hectares). The complex would be built on a styrofoam surface covered with a layer of fibreglass as the basis on which to pour a concrete floor for the greenhouse. A consortium called Floating Roses, consisting of the government, business and growers, will spearhead the project. It will likely be built in the Lansingerland municipality, one of the traditional greenhouse complex regions, which includes the towns Bleiswijk and Berkel en Rodenrijs. In case of extreme high water levels in the area, a more frequent occurrence with heavy precipitation at home and in the German hinterland, the building site would be flooded to take the pressure off the diking system. With rising water levels, the greenhouse would then be lifted up and stay within its dedicated space. A floating greenhouse of this magnitude would be a first.