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Accell Group takes digital dealer project to next level

Faster service with CycleSoftware

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HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - Accell Group has signed an agreement with a specialist in shop software to offer the specialist bike trade in the Benelux countries a modern shop management system, based on the principles of the Digital Cooperation Cycle Sector.

The project Digital Cooperation Cycle Sector aims to enhance the online cooperation between suppliers and dealers. CycleSoftware will focus on expanding Accell’s online dealer portal Accentry. All Accell dealers will be able to order bikes through this portal as well as parts and accessories of brand names Batavus, Brasseur, Juncker, Koga, Lapierre, Loekie and Sparta.

By expanding Accentry with the shop modules, it is expected that the service level of these brands towards dealers will significantly increase. All product code files of the suppliers that are part of the Digital Cooperation Cycle Sector project are integrated in the shop management software.

CycleSoftware has extensive experience in the bicycle sector. The company presented its shop management software at the FietsVAK trade show at the Accentry / Bikes&More booth. The FietsVAK trade show took place in January 2011 in Rosmalen, the Netherlands.