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Photographers to catch country on camera from 120,000 angles

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

WAGENINGEN – The entire country will be subjected to another giant photo-shoot, this time by amateur photographers who volunteer for the NL in Beeld-project. The initiator is Stichting Saxifraga, a European network of nature photographers, which works together with Nature and Environmental organizations. Nature enthusiasts anticipate nature to be changing and shrinking because of construction and changing nature management practices and want to record those changes on camera every ten years. So to undertake this project, they divided the country into 30,000 square kilometer blocks. Saxifraga expects its participants to shoot in all four directions from their block’s epicenter for a total of 120,000 photographs. To create uniformity in practice, it has formulated step-by-step instructions. The results will be posted on a website and be accessible for scientific research. In an earlier campaign, Google’s camera documented much of the country for its website.