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Consumers set new debit card records for Sinterklaas

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UTRECHT - Dutch consumers whipped up a new record getting set for Sinterklaas eve, so reports electronic payments accommodator Equens. The firm released a report stating that the Dutch set a new record on Saturday, November 27, when over a period of 30 minutes, 381 transactions per second were recorded, up from 358 last year. For the day, the firm recorded 8.732,866 transactions, up from last year’s record of 8.350,251. The busiest period of the day fell between 2:30 and 3:00pm. Those Sinterklaas statistics fall short of the December 24 data, which last year came in at 408 transactions per second over a 30-minute span and 10.876,903 transactions for the day. A huge majority of Dutch consumers use debit cards to pay for their purchases.