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Small party takes on entire taxation system over fairness deficit

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE The Dutch junior minister of Finance, Frans Weekers, has agreed to review the fairness of his country's taxation policies following a widely supported proposal by Elbert Dijkgraaf, one of the two members in the Second Chamber of the Reformed Political Party (SGP). Dijkgraaf demonstrated the unfairness in taxation towards families with one breadwinner and to single people, largely the result of attempts by previous cabinets to push women to join job market. Dijkgraaf's constituency frowns on mothers taking outside jobs but agrees singles also share the brunt of the heavier taxation, a point which resonates with the progressive liberal D66. This party promptly joined the SGP in its push for a review. Dijkgraaf wants to hold a parliamentary roundtable review of the entire taxation system to which he would also like to invite notable outside experts.