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Veterans reaching more students with in-class talks

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DOORN – The number of so-called veterans’ courses in Dutch schools has more than doubled over the past year. According to the Dutch Veterans Institute, the former soldiers and resistance members taught about 6,000 students, up from 2,500 the year before. The number of schools involved is close to one hundred and covers the entire educational spectrum. The Institute now has nearly 150 veterans on which it can call to step into classrooms. The book Oorlogen en Vredesmissies: Ervaringen van Nederlandse veteranen 1940-2010 (in English: War and Peace missions: Experiences of Dutch veterans 1940-2010) helps teachers to incorporate the work of the military into their regular course load. A yet to be launched website will also support the initiatives in the schools, which, according to outgoing vice-premier Andre Rouvoet, will be able to help combat the skewed impressions young people get from computer games and movies.