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Police to step up control of waterways during Sail 2010

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AMSTERDAM To accommodate busy traffic on the waterways around Amsterdam, authorities plan to enact one-way traffic rules during Sail 2010, the hugely popular event that returns every five years to the Dutch capital. Organizers anticipate the attendance of about 600 ships. The traffic rules for the Noordzeekanaal (IJmuiden to Amsterdam), the IJ, and in the IJ harbor include a ban on overtaking other vessels and a maximum speed of 6 km per hour. Rowing, sailing, and water skiing during the event has been outlawed as well. Skippers can expect a ticket for insufficient lighting, alcohol consumption and for using unstable crafts. While in the waterway lanes, all vessels are expected to keep to the right, as explained in a brochure all recreational vessels will receive upon registration. The police will employ a force of about one hundred who will have available thirty police boats. Among the 600 entrants will be about 500 heritage vessels, 40 Tall Ships, luxury yachts and navy ships.