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Police introduce bodycams at Four Day Walk

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

NIJMEGEN The Four Day Walk, which was first held as a military exercise during World War I, has grown into the largest international events of its kind. This year, it was to take place from July 20-23, although a very heavy schedule of accompanying festivities was already to start on July 17, almost overshadowing the famed walks. With 45,000 registrants, many from abroad, the 94th edition of the event once again has an international flavour and also attracts many people interested in partying. Events of this nature also generate security issues, the reason why police will be equipped with bodycams on their shoulders allowing staff at a central command to watch the crowds and spring into action at signs of trouble. The police also will employ a camera equipped helium balloon to monitor crowds from the sky. The images will be retained and possibly used as evidence prosecuting troublemakers. This year's bodycams are a first for the event.