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Heerenveen folk only want Thialf’s renovation

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

HEERENVEEN – The country’s top ice rink Thialf at the Frisian city of Heerenveen needs to be replaced by a new modern facility. Yes, say speed skating sports officials and the municipality's council, the province is not so certain, and the community, which may have to foot the bill, says no, according to independent researchers. Plans were made for a facility next to the soccer stadium along the freeway through Friesland, but the majority of those polled for an opinion on this idea nixed it. The public supports Thialf as an international speed skating facility but does not want to pay for a new stadium, which would fit in better with Heerenveen's theme of being a city of sports. Renovating Thialf has their support and they also favour maintaining its status for international championships. The facility opened in 1967, was covered in 1986, and was improved and renovated in 2001 and 2004.